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And are happy to introduce our new Elev8 Collection!!


The Qaroma XL & Taroma XL

Available in both Full & Integration Kits

Introducing our new Integration Kits!

Seamlessly integrate your new favourite QaromaShop Heater Housing into your collection!

QaromaShop Full Kits

Available for all versions of Qaroma & Taroma

Elev8 Collection Now Here!

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QaromaShop Integration Kits
A more budget-friendly option to integrate your new favourites into your current collection
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QaromaShop Full Kits
The perfect Kit to make sure you've got everything you'll need to start out!
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The Taroma XL
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New Arrival
The Qaroma XL
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Elev8 Glass Products

Some new, American-designed products to enhance your glass collection
As well as some great

Elev8 Accessories

Customize & clean your favourite set up!

Swampy's Bangers

XL & Regular Custom-designed Bangers, in both bell bottom & straight wall styles - available in most angle & joint sizes

Dreamer Glass

Hand-crafted Bubble Carb Caps designed for Swampy's Bangers