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QaromaShop Full Kits

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    Full Kits are available for all of the QaromaShop Heater Housings! These include: the beastly Taroma 1.0 & Taroma 2.0, the aesthetically pleasing Qaroma, as well as the brand new Qaroma XL & Taroma XL!

    Full Kits come stocked with everything you'll need to get started, minus the water pipe. They include: 

    -one (1) Heater Housing of your choice

           -one (1) free B-Stock Ceroma comes with Taroma 1.0, Qaroma & Taroma 2.0 Kits

                  - extra rubies may be added to the Kit for $5 off!          

    -one (1) QaromaShop Glass Adaptor Bowl (handmade) - 14mm or 18mm (unless purchasing a 2nd bowl for an additional $30) -- both Short & Deep Bowls available

          -*NEW* --one (1) Titanium Adaptor Bowl (14mm) add-on option now available!

                  -come with one (1) free 18mm female to 14mm male glass adaptor!! 

          -both Glass & Titanium XL Adaptor Bowls available for the XL units (both 18mm)

    -one (1) 20mm/30mm Test Fitted QaromaShop Coil (dependent on Heater Housing choice)

    -one (1) QaromaShop PID Controller, with plug

    -one (1)QaromaShop Coil Handle (Beechwood in Dark Walnut)

    -one (1) QaromaShop Suet Jade Porcelain Stand - available in either Matte Black or Blue-Speckled Gloss

    -one (1)pack of 3mm Ruby Balls (4 packs included in XL Kits)

    -one (1) pack of 17mm Stainless Steel Screens (25.4mm &26mm screens available with XL Kits)

    -one (1) Stainless Steel Scoop/Stirring Tool

    -and of course, FREEBIES!!

    Everything comes to you cleaned, tested & fitted - completely ready for you to get started! 

    **Before first time use, let your Heater Housing of choice heat-condition at the factory setting temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit (Taroma heads should be 660 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid discolouration), for a minimum of 30 minutes. After heat-conditioning, then adjust your temperature to reach your desired effect. The optimal range is a bit different for each head, and also depends on bowl style & material used**

    6 products
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    Qaroma XL Full Kit
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    Taroma XL Full Kit
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    Qaroma Full Kit
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    Taroma 2.0 Full Kit
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    Taroma 1.0 Full Kit
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    Ceroma Heater Housing (B-Stock)