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    QaromaShop is a small home workshop, dealing with the design, development, research, production and sales of their products and accessories.

    They partner with qualified and certified suppliers, both locally and internationally, to bring their ideas to life. Qaromashop provides truly one of a kind, artisanal products, not available anywhere else. 

    Taroma, Qaroma & Ceroma are:
    1. Designed to provide the cleanest, purest airpath, with
    2. Accurate temperature control via PID Controller, and an
    3. Exclusive gemstone chamber design to control airflow and better retain heat

    They've worked diligently to develop a way for you to benefit from ultra clean convection heating, while operating at precise temperatures. This allows you to enjoy your favourite dry herbs to their full flavour potential, every time!


    25 products
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    Taroma XL Full Kit
    from $830.00
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    Qaroma XL Full Kit
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    Taroma 2.0 Full Kit
    from $485.00
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    Qaroma Full Kit
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    Taroma 1.0 Full Kit
    from $470.00
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    Qaroma XL Integration Kit
    Taroma XL Integration Kit
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    Taroma 2.0 Integration Kit
    from $290.00
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    Qaroma Integration Kit
    Taroma 1.0 Integration Kit
    from $280.00
    Taroma 1.0 Heater Housing
    from $200.00
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    Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing
    from $210.00
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    Ceroma Heater Housing (B-Stock)
    QaromaShop Short Glass Adaptor Bowl
    from $40.00
    QaromaShop Deep Glass Adaptor Bowl
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    QaromaShop Titanium Adaptor Bowl
    from $115.00
    QaromaShop XL Glass Adaptor Bowl
    Ruby Balls - 3mm
    QaromaShop Suet Jade Porcelain Stand
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    QaromaShop 20mm Heater Coil
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    QaromaShop Digital PID Controller
    QaromaShop Wooden Coil Handle
    Stainless Steel Scoop/Stirrer
    Stainless Steel Screens - 17mm
    QaromaShop Pass Through Adaptor