QaromaShop Integration Kits

QaromaShop Integration Kits

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    We've designed a new, more-budget friendly Kit that will allow you to seamlessly integrate your new Qaroma into your current QaromaShop collection. This Kit includes:

    - one (1) Heater Housing of your choice

    -one (1) Heater Coil (dependent on Heater Housing chosen)

    - one(1) QaromaShop Adaptor Bowl (both glass & titanium options available, sizes dependent on Heater Housing chosen) -- optional in the regular Heater Housing Kits

    - Ruby Balls (quantity dependent on Heater Housing chosen)

    - plus: one (1) free QaromaShop Wooden Coil Handle (Beechwood in Dark Walnut)

    5 products
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    Taroma XL Integration Kit
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