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    Elev8 has designed an array of high-quality vehicles, that are available for anyone's price range. Whether you want a sleek portable vehicle for on the go, or a powerful plug-in vehicle for home use, Elev8  has what you need for your vaping experience.

    Elev8 vehicles are devices that heat herbal and/or concentrated materials to temperatures just below the point of the combustion, extracting the flavours, aromas, and effects of herbs and waxes with much less smoke and contaminants. These lower temperatures have a more pure taste, and the vapour is easier to inhale than smoke, while being perceived as a much healthier option. The best vapour production comes from larger desktop units/vehicles, which are more powerful than portable vapes thanks to their plug-in power source.  The desktop units usually also feature larger bowls to hold more herb. That said, portable vehicles are growing more advanced, with convection heating systems and hybrid heating systems that heat dry herb or concentrates with hot air rather than hot surfaces, delivering combustion-free vapour. Vaping on-the-go has never been easier, or more convenient than with portable vapes like the butane torch powered devices that we have available here. 

    For the desktop version, we'll be carrying a modded-out Da Buddha Vehicle, which is a whip style. It delivers vapour hits through a vinyl or silicone tube. Connoisseurs typically find the whip method to be the best method for enjoying all the different flavours. The whip styles can also be attached to a bubbler, which cools & purifies the vapour while adding just a little moisture to it

    The portable vehicles we'll be carrying - the Elev8r & the Dab Bat - are handheld butane torch powered devices, that allow people to enjoy the consumption of dry herb or concentrates on the go. 

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    3 products
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