Elev8's Dab Bat


Elev8's Dab Bat

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Elev8's Dab Bat is the world's first dab straw with a quartz tip & borosilicate housing!

No more worrying about getting burned by the hot tip! When you're done, simply put the tip back up inside the housing and put on the silicone cap. The Elev8 Dab Bat keeps the tip safe & eliminates the nonsense!

Quartz is one of the best glass-based materials for thermal resistance. It's really durable - you can heat it red hot & throw it in water right after. The borosilicate body has helped to keep the cost down on this budget-friendly piece.

You'll find a little glass bump on your Dab Bat. It's there to ensure that your Elev8 Dab Bat won't roll off the table, as well as adding a nice little flair

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