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    The Ceroma is a high grade ceramic housing, with a specially designed gem chamber. It's glossy glazed finish helps provide better conduction by closing off any possible pores. It's best looked at as hybrid of the Qaroma & the Taroma. It comes close to matching the flavour of the Qaroma, and the power of the Taroma, while being somewhere in the middle in terms of durability. The Ceroma is harder than stainless steel, but not as dense, so as long as heavy impacts are avoided, it should last a long time.

    The Ceroma doesn't have a raised step in it's design, and it's joint length is the same as the Qaroma, not shortened like the Taroma, helping to create it's own signature look. The lack of a raised step means this head can be used with most 20mm coils on the market, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise. The built in gemstone chamber acts as an airflow control & the 3mm ruby balls increase the total mass allowing for better heat retention/recovery. The Ceroma uses ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures, allowing full control over your vaporizer experience. The gemstones are a crucial part, as the chamber is not designed to be used empty, nor should it be overfilled.

    The Ceroma is molded and extracted manually by hand. As such, it is not machined perfectly like Qaroma and Taroma. There will be some minor chippings at the end of the joint and slightly on the threads, along with other minor cosmetic flaws shown above.

    A Ceroma (B Stock) head is included in every full Qaroma and Taroma Kit sold. They are NOT currently for sale on their own. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    IMPORTANT: Ceroma B+ Stock Ceramic Housing is aesthetically FLAWED and is not perfect. These are cosmetic flaws and should not affect product performance. 




    11 products
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