Taroma XL Full Kit

Taroma XL Full Kit
Taroma XL Full Kit
Taroma XL Full Kit
Taroma XL Full Kit
Taroma XL Full Kit

Taroma XL Full Kit

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 The Taroma XL is, essentially, a pure GR2 titanium housing, with a specially designed gemstone chamber that extends to the end of the joint. Increased mass and a shortened distance will ensure an even better performance. The flavour from this housing is outstanding, and we highly recommend this model, especially if you're new to the QaromaShop product line, and have a high tolerance. There are both a Glass & a Titanium Adaptor Bowl available to use with this beast, depending on what you're looking for. 

The Taroma XL offers more than 3 times the surface area and thermal mass compared to a regular Taroma heater. This makes Taroma XL hit even harder, at similar or larger loads. It has possibly the largest bowl and gemstone chamber capacity, out of any model out there, making it perfect for individual sessions, group sessions, and special events. It stays true to the 2.0 version with grooves on the intake air holes to allow for easier use with concentrates & air holes that are spread further apart, for more even extraction.

The Taroma XL has a simple, minimalist look, that's pleasing to the eye. It's built to last and will be appreciated by those who prefer durability.  It's specifically designed gemstone chamber acts as an airflow control, and the 3mm Ruby Balls increase the housing's total mass, allowing for better heat retention & recovery. The Taroma XL uses ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures, allowing full control over your vaporizer experience. The gemstones are a crucial part, as the chamber is not designed to be used empty, nor should it be overfilled.

Taroma XL uses approx. 500 3mm Ruby Balls 

You have the option to add the XL Glass Adaptor Bowl into your Kit for an extra $65CAD. We're offering free dimpling for these XL Glass Bowls! They are done in small batches, so requesting one could result in a delay of your order being processed by up to 3 business days. We'll be checking over every dimpled bowl before sending it out, to ensure the function hasn't been affected.   

Taroma XL has a raised step in its design, to better stabilize and to provide better coil contact, and is therefore only compatible with 30mm, 5 wraps, clockwise coils.

**Prior to first time use, let your Taroma XL heat-condition at a temperature of 660 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes. After heat-conditioning, a good starting temperature for the Taroma XL is 620-630 degrees. Then adjust to reach your desired effect. Typically the optimal range for the Taroma XL is 550-700 degrees, depending on bowl style & material used**

Included in the Taroma XL Kit:

-one (1) Taroma XL Heater Housing (titanium)

- one (1) XL Titanium Adaptor Bowl, with the option to add on an XL Glass Adaptor Bowl(18mm), for $65 CAD

       -- if you'd like your XL Glass Adaptor Bowl dimpled, please indicate in the notes area of your order! They are sent out by request only!

-one (1) 30mm Test Fitted QaromaShop Coil

-one (1) QaromaShop PID Controller, with plug

-one (1) QaromaShop Coil Handle (Beechwood in Dark Walnut)

-one (1) QaromaShop Suet Jade Porcelain Stand 

-four (4) packs of 3mm Ruby Balls

-one (1) pack of 25.4mm Stainless Steel Screens

-one (1) Stainless Steel Scoop/Stirring Tool 


Video credit: Instagram @monochord71; Reddit u/SuproValco

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