QaromaShop B-Stock Suet Jade Porcelain Stands

QaromaShop B-Stock Suet Jade Porcelain Stands

QaromaShop B-Stock Suet Jade Porcelain Stands

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These are the B-Stock Suet Jade Porcelain Stands, which didn't meet our QC. These imperfections are aesthetic and won't affect their functionality. They can include but are not limited to, off-centre middle pieces and small chips. 


The Suet Jade Porcelain Stand is designed for loose & casual placement of the Taroma/Qaroma/Ceroma housing. As long as the coil is positioned it the side slot, the housing will be well-protected. It includes a matching QaromaShop thermal coaster for the stand.

It is also compatible with other similar housings on the market

Note: When the heater is resting in the stand for a longer amount of time, touching the stand will feel like touching a bowl of hot soup - some discomfort, but safe to touch for a few seconds 

Each stand is handmade by a native artist from the birthplace of suet jade porcelain, the Dehua Province, in Fujian China. Suet jade porcelain has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, and the techniques are rarely passed on to outsiders. They use high temperatures and only aged native clay, which is very valuable. High levels of skill are required, which results in the highest grade of white porcelain available in China, and is most commonly used in producing luxury tea cup sets.

We have them available in both a matte black and a blue-speckled gloss.



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