Super Soaker Cleaning Container

Super Soaker Cleaning Container

Super Soaker Cleaning Container

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Elev8's Super Soaker silicone cleaning container is great for getting your small glass & quartz parts clean. All you need to do is add coarse salt & isopropyl to the container, then add your glass/quartz part. Give it a gentle shake while holding the top & base together. Let it sit for 5-15 minutes, then repeat the gentle shake. Take your part out & you should have a pristinely clean piece of glass or quartz. If it's not quite clean yet, repeat the process. To deal with the more resinous pieces, you can soak for a longer period or try adding more agitation.

You can reuse your solvent many times using this container. If used correctly, you can save yourself a ton in cleaning supplies. If you take longer breaks between cleanings, it's suggested that you store the saved iso in a sealable container instead of in the Super Soaker itself, to avoid evaporation.

The silicone plug it comes with also doubles as a 18mm, 14mm or 10mm female ground joint plug. You can use this added feature to close the joint holes when you want to clean a waterpipe or rig. It can also act as a smell-proof container on the go! 

It's lid features ribs to allow the cleaner to drain with a round object like a pipe end sitting in it, which in turn, allows you to remove your pipe without sticking your hand in dirty cleaner!

The Super Soaker is available in 3 colours:

◦ Green/Yellow
◦ Purple/Pink
◦ Blue/White

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