Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing

Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing
Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing
Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing

Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing

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Taroma 2.0 updates include: 

1. A gemstone chamber that extends to the end of the joint. Increased mass and a shortened distance will ensure an even better performance. 

2. Grooves on the intake air holes allow for easier use with concentrates. 

3. Air holes are spread further apart, for more even extraction. 

4. A slightly looser fit, which allows it to accept wider range of coils. Some stretching may be required for optimum fit. This is perfectly safe for Taroma but not for Qaroma.


The Taroma 2.0 is, essentially, a pure GR2 titanium housing, with a specially designed gemstone chamber. When filled with gemstones, it weighs a total of 100+ grams, of thermal power & mass - perfect for the heavy hitters & cloud chasers. It has a raised step design to better stabilize it & to provide better coil contact. The flavour from this housing is outstanding, and we highly recommend this model if you have an average to high tolerance.

The Taroma 2.0 has a simple, minimalist look, that's pleasing to the eye. It's built to last and will be appreciated by those who prefer durability.  It's specifically designed gemstone chamber acts as an airflow control, and the 3mm Ruby Balls increase the housing's total mass, allowing for better heat retention & recovery. The Taroma 2.0 uses ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures, allowing full control over your vaporizer experience. The gemstones are a crucial part, as the chamber is not designed to be used empty, nor should it be overfilled.

Combine your Taroma 2.0 Heater Housing & Ruby Balls purchase to save $5 on your rubies!

The Taroma 2.0 is only compatible with 20 mm, 5 wrap, clockwise coils.

**Prior to first time use, let your Taroma 2.0 heat-condition at a temperature of 660 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes. After heat-conditioning, a good starting temperature for the Taroma 2.0 is 620-630 degrees. Then adjust to reach your desired effect. Typically the optimal range for the Taroma 2.0 is 550-700 degrees, depending on bowl style & material used**

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